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Kate Hudson - Her Earlier Years

Kate Hudson was born to singer/comedian, Bill Hudson and film actress, Goldie Hawn. She was born in Los Angeles, California on April 19, 1979. When she was eighteen months old, her parents were divorced.

Kate Hudson's Siblings

Kate Hudson bio pages state that she has 4 siblings ... including one full blooded brother, two half brothers, and a half sister. They are:

full brother - Oliver Hudson
half brother - Zachary Hudson
half sister - Emily Hudson
half brother - Wyatt Russell

After their parent's divorce, Kate and her brother, Oliver, were raised in Colorado, by their mother, Goldie Hawn, and her life partner, Kurt Russell. Her biological father remained absent for most of Kate's childhood, and this fact has caused an estrangement between the two that still exists to this day. She has even been quoted as saying that her biological father "doesn't know her from a hole in the wall" and she has made it clear on several occasions that she considers Kurt Russell to be her father, since he is the only father she has ever really known, and has always referred to him as “Pa”.

Kate Hudson - Her Education

Kate Hudson graduated from Crossroads in 1997, which is a private performing arts school for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade, in Santa Monica, California. Crossroads is an private school known for its artistic curriculum, and innovative teaching styles. Some notable graduates of Crossroads, besides Kate, include:

Kate’s brother, Oliver Hudson
Jayson Kaye
Baron Davis

After graduation, she was accepted to New York University, but she opted to pursue and acting career as opposed to going to college in New York, showing her parents she wanted to make her career all on her own. Shortly after graduation Kate hired an agent, and began her auditions.

Kate Hudson - Her Career

To further prove her desire to become a successful actress without her families assistance, Kate Hudson did not give up when she did not get a part in Kurt Russell's film "Escape From L.A." She went on to get a few small roles on several sitcoms, which none of these gigs really worked out for her.

Kate did not give up. Instead of trying to continue a possible career in television, Kate Hudson decided to try her hand in the movie world. Although not every Kate Hudson movie made it to the top of the movie charts, her movie breakthrough came in 2000, when her role in the movie “Almost Famous” got her an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress. She went on to star in several more movies, and has most recently expressed an interest in producing, as well.

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